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How to Buy

Use Guide

Step 1:Member Registration

  • Must register as member before fully using Okinawa Miyakojima YUKISIO eShop.
  • Fill in the form in[Member Registration]page.
  • Free to register.
  • Complate all the information needed. Then pressing the button to submit the form.
  • After registeration, you can start to shop and make a purchase.
  • No need to do 2nd registration. Just need to login by using your registered email address and the password.



Step 2:Search the Products

  • Find all the products via the List of Goods page.
  • Press[Add-to-Cart]button when you find any desire product(s).
  • On the website top right hand corner, you can press "Shopping Cart" to view all the selected product(s) and the corresponding price amount.
  • You can also add the product quantity or remove any unwanted product(s) in this shopping cart page as well.

Step 3:Order Confirmation

  • Once confirmed the "Shopping Cart" item, please press "Next"
  • In the final order confirmation page, please check with the products, total amount and the delivery address. If no problem, you can proceed to checkout.

Step 4:Payment Method

Once the order is confirmed to checkout, you can select your desire payment method.

  • Credit Card: Direct input your credit card number to complete the process.
  • Paypal: Select "Paypal" will redirect to the paypal page. You need to input your personal account information there to complete the payment process.

Step 5:Delivery Method

  • One day before the product delivery, an email will be sent to you as a reminder notice.
  • Should you have any uncertainty about the process, you can go through the FAQ.
  • Should you want to deliver within Japan area, please go to 「Shimanoeki Miyako eShop」.





Use of Website related FAQ

Q:How to pay?

Use Credit Card or Paypal to settle payment online
Regarding to the acceptable credit card type, please go through the order checkout page which would list out approximate the delivery date, payment method and delivery method.

Q:Pay in HKD or JPY?

ALl transaction will be in JPY.

Q:How to calculate the currency exchange?

All the currency exchange calculation will normally be listed on your monthly settlement statement. For further details, please directly contact your credit card issued organisation.
If you are using Paypal as the payment settlement method, the currency exchange rate will be set by Paypal.
Actual payment date and related information, you are welcome to directly contact Paypal or check online.
Please note that no matter which payment method is used, the listed price on the website may be slghtly different from your actual payment.

Q:Does the product price include the delivery fee?

All products are sold as a Set product package. All delivery fee is included.



Q:From order to delivery, how much time need?

It takes about 1 week to process.

Q:Can I take in person at your Hong Kong office?

Currently, we don't have any store in Hong Kong. All products can only be bought online and we will delivery them to you directly. No take away in person.

Q:Can I make the delivery appointment?

Sorry that delivery date and time is arranged by us only.
Before delivery, we will issue the YAMATO delivery note to your registered email.
You may contact YAMATO for the delivery arrangement.

Q:How to check the delivery situation?

Before delivery, we will issue the YAMATO delivery note to your registered email.
In delivery note, it is marked with YAMATO delivery order number. You can check the delivery status with that number.


Apart from contacting YAMATO for checking delivery status, you can re-arrange delivery if it cannot be successfully delivered. Please contact YAMATO directly for the re-arrangement.
YAMATO Transport Customer Service Center
Tel:2829 2222
(Service Period:08:00 - 22:00)

Product Quality

Q:If the product quality is not good or out-of-stock, what can i do?

Please contact us by enquiry form. We will follow up immediately.



Q:Any time restriction on adding more products or cancel products?

Sorry that you cannot add or cancel any products after order confirmation with payment settled.

Q:How to but individual products instead of set package?

Basically, we only offer set package.

Q:How to cancel order?

Please contact us by email or enquiry form.